Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 2: thankfulness and...nursery pictures!

This morning the A. Freel's woke up to some delicious smelling fall, in the form of pear butter, cooking down in the crock . I love how cool the mornings have been lately. Our little family gets up, Mommy cooks, Daddy dresses and Elisha has his coffee. Basically. Yeah, I think that's how it goes.
Living on Boulevard has been such a blessing. The Lord seems to be bringing us out of the valley and I am thankful. As Elisha took his first nap today I spent a little time outside cleaning up the herb garden and picking a few peppers that have survived. After some time the Cogbil's wondered down to the playground. Soon Sweet Claudia emerged and we talked about plans for the day. The crisp air faded in the mid-morning sun as I left the yard for some dish washing. I am thankful for this time and place, Lord. I am also thankful that, though small, signs of fall have begun. Signs of hot ciders and cocoa. Signs of scarves. Signs of Orange Oreos making their way off of store shelves and into my tummy.

Here are a few pictures of where we live and Elisha's nursery.

A little bird's nest in my flower pot.

 Our Front door.

 I apologize that the picture quality is terrible. and the photography isn't great either. but here is the nursery.

 My glider from Nonny that I LOVE to sit in...and read night night stories....

Well, it's "Naked Time" down here on the farm and Elisha is keeping it real. So's we will see ya later!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 1

I am creating this blog for the friends and family that would like to keep up with the the A Freel clan. Each time I have ditched some source of social media I get an ear full : D. So, here is my peace offering. Take it or leave it, but Elisha will be gracing this blog periodically for your satisfaction. And even though I would prefer sending snail-mail and actual prints of the little chunk, stamps are pricey when it comes to updating the entire list of Black, Alexander, and Freel families...and of course friends as well. This is Day 1 of Elisha. Love you all!
Here is a pictoral re-cap of Elisha Neil Freel from birth to now (7 months!):