Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 5: December

Goodness, it is December 8th! As a child, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed to last FOR...EVERRRRRR. Now I feel claustrophobic as the 25th draws nearer. Each prized hot cocoa sipping, carol singing, goody eating moment seems to be slipping through my fingers like sand. STOP!
Meanwhile, this little chunk has been changing and growing like a weed. Elisha took to crawling very quickly in early November and now pulls up on everything. He even walks along tables and sofas....or the piano. He loves playing the piano. He seriously gets so much joy from pulling up on the piano bench and from the first sound of the keys he starts beaming. I love it. He also has start talking all of the time. He has this very consistent language of his own that sounds like German sometimes. His "real words" that we can decipher are: "Mama," "Dada" and "hey." Just this week he is beginning to copy us with movements and noises too. He dances to music. He understands (and OBEYS!) "No!" and "No touch."
Overall, this little sweet lovin' is blowing my mind. I love him too pieces and can't be more thankful.

This was taken the day he had his 9month well-check...weighing in at 20lbs and 28.5 in.
 child prodigy
  everyone should love steamed, buttered kale this much!

 "Call me an Elf one more time..."

 Can't kiss those sweet cheeks enough!

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