Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 4: October

 October is so exciting with all of its festivities, food, and loved ones. Whether we were gathering around a fire, celebrating the Reformation or simply sitting at the dinner table, this month has been lovely. One day last week I took Elisha outside for some pumpkin pictures. They turned out super cute. He is such a sweetie pie. Love to all!

Lately Elisha is...
*Crawling everywhere
*Pulling up to stand  
*Loving food...anything and everything
*Being a little cranky because of a 5th tooth
*"Talking" all of the time :D
*Getting ready for a little procedure (orchiopexy) on Nov. 6th (unless the Lord intervenes! I have been praying every night since he was born that it would drop...there's still time, Lord!)

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