Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quick Note...

Just a quick update on the little man. God was SO gracious with Elisha's surgery. I can't list all of the blessings but here are some of them: no fussing all the way to ATL without nursing, smooth surgery, nice doctors/nurses/etc, he is healing up well, he slept all the way home, Momma and Ashley came and blessed us with lunch, Elisha and I went to St. Simons on a retreat and he did beautifully, the night we got back from ATL he was crawling all over and pulling up and really wouldn't know this baby had surgery! THANK YOU LORD! I've been praying for months and God was merciful to answer with a smooth experience. Granted, I was praying that his deet-deet would drop on its own....but nevertheless it is down now and I am thankful.

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